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At Birchwood Farms, we believe that conventional farming has gotten agriculture away from its roots.  A root of: symbiotic relationship between soil and plant and Stewardship between plant, animal and human.  An animal is designed to eat what it's dental diagram 'Tells us' it's meant to eat.  Cattle are not designed to eat grain (Nor Themselves for that matter), while hogs are.  Hogs have a dental diagram similar to Humans, in that we both have: Incisors, K-9 (or Tusk), and Molars = Omnivore (An animal that feeds on both plants and animals to survive).  In cattle we see: Lower Incisors with a Dental Pad at the top and Molars = Herbivore (Organisms that are anatomically and physiologically adapted to eat plant-based foods).

At Birchwood Farms, we believe that soil Health and Nutrition is key to any Nutrient Dense product obtained from this source.  We test our soil annually and in random sections.  We DO NOT add Organic fertilizer (our girl's do that for us). Instead, we "Feed" the soil microorganisms which optimizes soil pH, nutrition, and availability to the plant, which then generates the greatest nutrition to the animal - that your Family consumes in either: Raw Milk, Beef, Veal, Poultry or Pork.       

DISCLAIMER: After over 10 years of being certified organic, we have decided to NOT pursue Organic Certification. However, our products are produced in the same fashion as when we were certified.  Our dairy is 100% Jersey Milk, No grain, No GMO's and grass/forage fed ONLY.  We use the USDA Organic seal on our website because we sell a complete line of Certified Organic Spices through Frontier.