Awareness Program

Agriculture Awareness is a Big Brother program we started in the late '90's to help educate the poor, orphaned youth in our area about farms and farming. We bring these children to our farm and let them experience farm raised food, and general farm operation and life. It has been such a success that it has been recognized by the "Points of Light" foundation, Washington, D.C. as -well as many other local charity organizations. 



Project Goals

  1. To make available to the less fortunate, poor and orphans of our area the knowledge about where our food (dairy products, meats, vegetables, breads etc.) comes from.
  2. To give the children an opportunity to learn the different animals, see them in their agricultural nitch and to see how each contributes to the agriculture picture.
  3. To give the children an opportunity to experience first hand by doing (milking a cow) by hand and with a machine, making cream by doing the separation process, making butter by using a simple, old fashion butter churn, by making ice cream using products that they have already collected on the farm and the making of cheese using the same dairy products that they personally have collected.
  4. To see and learn the names of the various meat animals, what they give in the way of food and to experience the taste of various farm meats provided to the world by the farmer.
  5. To expose and teach the children the proper approach and handling of the various animals and even to learn how to catch a baby pig and pick it up without a squeal!
  6. To learn what each animal eats inorder to make the products that it furnishes to the world for food, to learn what these crops are, what they look like and how and when they are planted and harvested. This is best described by our four season awareness program.
  7. Finally, to furnish part time jobs for any of these children when they are of a working age