Soil Ecology

        Our philosophy is that Nature knows more than Man. We test our soil annually but do not spread organic fertilizer (our girl's do that for us), lime, etc. Instead we spread, as needed, Macro and Trace minerals from the sea, that 'Feed' the soil organisms (from Micro-Bacterium to Earth Worms and Dung Beetles). By re-vitalizing the soil organisms, they break down the manure (Anaerobically), 'ripping the piles' and rolling balls of manure down into the soil - to make nutrients available to the plant - at the level and rate that nature requests.


        We vary our grass species to 6 or more.  Utilizing the varying species capabilities of: Different yearly Nitrogen-Fixation times, varying seasonal sugar levels and population spread through both: Tap Root and Rhizomes across the soil surface.  This accomplishes both: In weed competiveness and a 'Salad Bar' in every bite.  We don't move our girls onto sections of certain grass species (That is equivalent to you eating Potatoes for a period of days, then Broccoli for a period of days then you get what you've been waiting for; a Rib-Eye steak, but again for a period of days, etc. Blah)  Instead, we offer the ladies, the variety in every bite (just as nature intended).  This managed forage mixture, gives Birchwood Farms Raw Milk & Dairy Products its re-noun flavor.




Fly Control

        Utilizing a bi-lateral approach we use: Fly-larvae-consuming wasps, that we spread a couple of times a week along with our pastured chickens that consume the adult flys.  Again, utilizing Nature, to Manage Nature.