Dear Mike,
Yesterday morning I picked up two gallons of raw milk and a pound of cheese at your farm. I had driven from near Washington, DC, partly for the purpose of picking up my son and some of his friends at school in West Chester, but as you can see, that meant a two-hour drive out of my way to get the milk.

It was worth it!

You are no doubt aware of many of the health issues associated with the widespread shortage of omega-3 fats in "first-world" human diet, including all the diseases associated with excessive inflammatory response, including heart disease, asthma, migraines, Alzheimer's, and arthritis...

...I also suspect that cows on a diet of natural hay and with access to free=choice forage will provide, through their milk, the very nutrients that we need to stay not only physically healthy, but also psychologically healthy, and this is particularly so in winter. The Washing Post recently ran an article on omega-3 fats in which they were described as "the happy fats".

So with all that as prelude, let me simply say that the first sip from a tall glass of your Birchwood Farm raw milk was an exceptionally pleasant experience. The taste defines the standard of how milk at its best ought to taste. Downing the whole glass, a signal seems to spread in seconds through the entire body, to all the cells, conveying the message, "the good stuff is coming!" It reminded me of that first bite, in spring, of turnip greens or swiss chard from the garden.

One day, I can imagine, food scientists will confirm beyond scientific doubt the connection between the diet of dairy cows and the nutritive value of their milk to modern humans whose industrialized food supply denies them many compounds necessary to health. But with the resistance of big agriculture and big food processors, it will take years. We could die waiting!

So I look forward to the next time I am remotely within range of your Birchwood Farm Dairy. I will definitely swing by to pick up a few gallons of your magical milk. I can prove it, but my gut tells me you are onto something good.

Yours in peace,
Headmaster, Maryland


What can I say, absolutely delicious and far more nutritious than pasteurized milk. I have been drinking un-pasteurized milk for over three years. I used to drive 1 hour and 20 minutes to get my milk in Kimberton, PA., produced from pasture fed Brown Swiss cows, but then I found Birchwood Farms, a 25 minute drive. Your milk from pasture fed Jerseys has a much higher cream content and is delicious. I learned about the benefits of raw milk and the dangers in pasteurized milk from a book written by Sally Fallon, "Nourishing Traditions". I have been a hiker for at least 7 years and would have arthritic lower back pain after hikes of 8 miles or more. I can honestly say this pain rarely shows itself anymore and the only thing I can attribute this to is a change in my diet that incorporates raw milk. I drink about 3 quarts per week and my cholesterol is normal, based on a recent blood test. There is no finer food that you can consume. I would highly recommend Birchwood Farm's nourishing milk and cheese for the entire family.

Our parent's generation was raised on nourishing foods, as processed foods were not even in the picture. Today, most if not all foods are processed, rendering them nutrient deficient. Has this contributed to the billions of dollars that Americans spend each year fighting the onslaught of debilitating diseases?

Gene Haines
Phila., PA

My kids love your milk. My 2nd grader says it's much better than the school milk he gets at lunch. I told him it's much healthier too. This milk is delicious. It has a delicate sweet taste.

Thanks for providing it to us.
J.W. from NJ


. . . The happy outcome is that I found my source in Pennsylvania near Newtown.

www.BirchwoodFarmDairy.com. The Tierney family. Mike is a young US Marine on active duty, his dad is a Veterinary. He runs the dairy while junior is busy shooting Arabs. If Mike reads this: enough Arab killing, stay home and make milk.

Lots of guys shoot, few know how to produce life sustaining nearly perfect nutrition. $3.60 a gallon for Jersey cow milk raw, non-grain fed, 5% or more butterfat that tastes like melted ice cream, and makes the most delicious chocolate milkshake I ever tasted. Organic, grass fed non-sugar chocolate frothy drink. They also make superb raw milk cheese--finger licking good! A 348 mile round trip from Alexandria Virginia for a glass of clean milk is no small matter. I'm using the raw milk in a medicinal mode. It seems to be working. At 73, I need all the help I can get. This milk is help. . .

Burton Linne
Alexandria, VA