How long does the Milk last?

Raw Milk does not have a "Date" like pasteurized milk.  Raw milk regulations require a "Fresh Milk" notation instead.  We say conservatively, 7-10 days for freshest taste!  Beyond that, the milk begins to change product - souring to a sour milk (useable in cooking, etc) - to a drinkable probiotic - etc, etc.  Of course, we don't recommend pushing any duration of raw milk past fresh consumption.  We are just noting that it does not 'Rot' like pasteurized milk past expiration.   

Why Raw Milk?

Raw milk contains over 60 enzymes; ranging from Lactase to Lactoperoxidase.

Why "Grass-Fed?"

"Grass-Fed" is an ambiguous term.  There is no government oversight.  If the animal ate grass SOME TIME in it's life, then you can assign that slogan.  Most producers will leave out the latter part of that sentence...Grass-Fed, [With grain finishing].  This is why we refer to ours as 'Grass-Finished' for the beef or 'Grain-Free for the dairy." Grass-Only-Fed beef has an Omega 6:3 ratio of 1:1.15 (Ideal is 1:1). 5 times the amount of Beta-Carotene and 3 times the amount of Congigated Linoleic Acid (CLA).