“People are fed by the ‘Food industry’ which pays no attention to Health, and treated by the ‘Health Industry’, which pays no attention to Food.”


1. Raw, Grass-Only-Fed Milk

2. Heavy Cream

3. Clabber Cream.

4. Raw Cheeses: Cheddar, Garlic Cheddar, Baby Swiss and Raw Monterey Jack.

5. Super Premium Ice Cream: 5 Base Ingredients (14 flavors)

6. Kefir (fermented drink that contains a symbiotic relationship between yeast and bacteria)

7. Yogurt

8. Rice Pudding (Raw Milk, Jasmine Rice, Certified Org Raw Cane Sugar, Certified Org Cinnamon)

9. Soy-Free Pastured Eggs

10. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice in Leach-Free PETE Half Gallons (Valencia - Navel - Pineapple Species dependant on the season).

11. Sen-cha [Top leaves of the Green Tea Plant] Green Tea (Certified Org  Tea Leaves w/Local Honey)

12. Grass-Finished Heritage Beef. Various Retail Cuts or call for Whole availability.

13. Pastured, Milk/Acorn/Apple-Fed Heritage Pork. Various Retail Cuts or call for Roaster or Whole availability.

14. Organic Free-Range Whole Chicken & Parts (Leg, Thigh, Split Breast, Drumsticks).

15. Grass-Only-Fed Bison and Pastured Lamb (When Available).

17. Frontier Organic Spices.

18. Celtic Sea Salt.

19. Mineral-Rich Well Water (Fill-your-own station; your bottle or ours).

20. Local Wildflower Honey.