Pastured Eggs and Chicken

There are 3 types of egg production; caged, free-range and pastured.  Caged, is exactly that.  Free-range is sometimes mistaken for pastured due to the word - range.  Consumers associate Free-Range with 'Out on the open range' but the actuality is they are still housed indoors, just not confined to only a cage.  Pastured, is where the birds have actual access to grass, dirt and grubs.  This diet BOOSTS Omega fats, yielding a dark, orangish colored yolk.

Along with fresh air, and a variety of insects and grasses our birds are fed a Certified Organic Soy-Free pellet and a free choice mineral suppliment.

Most all egg producing farms will use light in the coop to regulate the chicken's laying cycle.  We also utalize light but take it a step further.  Our bulbs are colored, aka Light Therapy.  A pattern of 3 colors, target certain organs and promotes a general calm and rejuvination.  Just one more Minor Detail, researched and implimented by Birchwood Farms in attempt to provide an even better product for you and your family.


Quality Before Quantity