Pastured Heritage Pork

        Our Hogs are a Heritage Breed of pigs known as Tamworth.  Tamworth pigs trace their lineage back to the early 1800's Ireland, when they crossed with the 'Irish Grazers'.  The breed appears among the least interbred with non-European breeds, and therefore one of the closest to the original European forest swine.  It is among the oldest of pig breeds but as with many older breeds of livestock it is not well suited to modern production methods.  The Tamworth shows good conversion on poor pasture. They have a natural disease resistance, are hardy, good mothers with lots of milk, produce lean meat and flavoursome bacon.


        Our pigs are run in a 'family style' setting with the boar and sows living together year around.  The young wean off when the sow decides and grow up to maturity in the same atmosphere as the herd.  Their diet consists of: Full-time Pasture, Milk, Alfalfa, Crab-Apples (Summer), Acorns (Fall), Organic corn (as needed) and free-choice Mineral Supplement.