Raw Milk - Grass/Forage-Only-Fed.

"For 15 years I have employed the so-called [Raw] Milk treatment in various diseases...the results obtained have been so uniformly excellent that one's conception of disease and its alleviation is necessarily modified." - Dr. Crew  Mayo Foundation, 1929. 


        Our Farm's motto has been, "Quality before Quantity."  This is more then just a 'cliche'.  Our cattle are Jerseys (a Heritage Breed from the Isle of Jersey), which are 1 of the 6 main dairy breeds in the United States.  Holsteins (the 'Black & White' dairy cows), give the Most Volume but the Least Components (Butterfat, Protein), while Jerseys (the 'Brown Cow'), yields the Least Volume but Most Components (Given the time of the year, ones Cream Line may be near the bottom of the handle of a Gallon Jug).

        Looking at the 'Dental Diagram' of a cow (bovine), we see lower Incisors at the bottom with a dental pad at the roof, and Molars at the rear.  This denotes a herbivore, that's based on a forage-only diet.  We feed our girls a "Salad Bar with every Bite" in pasture grass varieties, along with alfalfa, a free-choice mineral feeder (that supplies 3 different compartments for Mineral/Sea Salt choices) and multiple points of mineral-rich well water  We supplement at each milking with a macro/trace mineral mix but also give it Free-Choice in the pasture, because even though 'Man' tells us that they [cattle] are designed to have x.xx Oz's/day, only the animal knows what it's true cravings are - and will seek them out in a divided mineral feeder or a particular plant source.

        We milk twice a day, wash each cow prior to milking, dry the udder and teats (we use no teat-dips) and test each 'quarter' of the udder (a cow's udder is comprised of 4 separate quarters), utilizing a conductivity meter (From Holland) that measures the amount of Salts in the Milk.  More Salt = Less Bacterium & More Salt = Higher Conduction of electricity, where-as Less Salt = lower conductivity. The meter will display a number based on the electric potential of the milk.  Said number and above - that cow goes into the tank, Below - her milk goes to the calves/pigs.  That is our base test at milking.  We then test the bulk tank: Once to multiple times per week.  While, some raw milk producers will use an on-farm lab to plate out pathogens, we do not.  We believe that a 3rd party Lab should be responsible for testing and reporting results.  Some pathogen's take upwards of 4 days to plate out, so one can not rely on Negative results to release Fresh Raw Milk.  Given, Pathogenic: Campylobacter and Listeria are environmentally influenced, we have established, for some years now, an environmental testing procedure (that plates out in 8 hrs) to give us an indication of the over-all environmental condition and thus further limiting any Pathogen intrusion; to the nearest minimal possible.  Though, we do have our own on-farm lab, we use ONLY, if necessary, to test a previous sample.  Otherwise, we utilize a 3rd party Lab, to do even our unofficial testing.  They say, with Great Freedoms, comes Great Responsibility.  Pennsylvania, is one of the few state's that allow fluid Raw Milk and many products derived from Raw Milk, however, it is one of the most strict states, if not the strictest in regulation.  They 'Spot Check' us twice a month, at random, as well as twice a year (for a more intense testing).  This is why we have taken such preliminary steps to monitor throughout, and to correct an issue PRIOR to it becoming a risk.

        To recap:  Our Ladies (100% Jersey Cattle), are Grass-Only-Fed (No Grain), bathed Twice-a-Day (More then some humans even shower), tested at the time of milking, as-well as bulk tank sampling; On top of Strict USDA guidelines and PA Dept. of Agriculture testing and Raw Milk Permit Regulation.

         All to ensure that NOT ONLY the Raw Milk you and your family are consuming is the Safest it can possibly be, but the Healthiest and Freshest on the market, as well.  In the cow this morning, and in your stomach at dinner - You can't get much Fresher then that!


Quality before Quantity